Travel and the Pleasure

When was the last time you travel? Notice what they ask you at airports upon entering your country of destination? They’d ask with their best English accent, “Business or pleasure?”… As if your answer would actually matter! However, that simple inconsequential question pretty much highlights one thing: the relationship between travel and the pursuit of pleasure is indeed pervasive in our way of life.


Pleasure comes in many forms. Women for instance would travel great distances to have the pleasure of shopping in Paris or Tokyo or Venice. Adventure freaks would climb the Himalayas, dive the Marianas Trench or scale the underwater cave of Palawan just to attain the pleasure of that adrenaline rush. Compulsive tourists would travel with incredible excitement just to have the pleasure of completing their checklist of places they must reach before they leave this world. Indeed, human pleasures can be outrageous. According to London escorts of


Still nothing beats the good old and de facto synonym to the word pleasure: sex. Male travellers will certainly smirk at that statement. They of all people know all too well how travels can easily turn into a sexual escapade if one seeks it. All one has to do is book with the most credible escort service at the place of destination.


Such sexual trysts are quite common among successful men who travel for business, or for professional or social functions. These men are the bread and butter market for escort service. In fact, the escort industry itself is in a way a by-product of the travel frequency of these men.


These traveling men would often travel alone or with a technical group that is quite technical to have fun with. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the demand for a pleasurable companion would be quite high among them. Any offer of pleasure, especially when with sexual undertones, would be very difficult for them to turn down. Meaning, it would not be hard for them to choose between hanging out with colleagues that they see almost every day and going with a beautiful London escorts lady that guarantees a night of pleasurable adventures and frolics, wouldn’t it?


London escorts would make a good example for a mature escort scene whose professionalism can actually be labelled world class. Perhaps it is London’s multicultural character and a steady stream of business travellers and tourists that comes in and out the city regularly that contributed to this maturity. Wherever you are in the city, London escort agencies would be right there to serve you. If you are in the west for instance, west London escorts would be right there to accommodate you. West London itself is a broad location. If you are in Watford, then it should be Watford escorts you should be looking for.


This relationship between travel and the pleasure establishment is ages old. It is a reflection of how man’s mobility has no impact to his need for sensual satisfaction other than it being a means to have more of those pleasures. 

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